Learn languages through books people

At papagas.com, we are genuinely convinced that the best way to learn how to speak a language is to speak that language. Accordingly, we connect you with native speakers from all over the world. Efficient. Simple. Free.


Innovative learning method

No more awkward, cliché and repetitive conversations. Inspired by your favourite party games, we make you debate, we make you lie, we make you play.
And you will eventually practice your language during this entire process. Isn't that wonderful?


Teacher friendly

Upgrade your lessons and challenge your students through Papagas.com. You can also watch their involvment through our special Stats panel. Probably the coolest homework ever.


The Papagas way

Cultural exchange

Get an insight of the world's diversity! We connect you with speakers from Paris to Rio, including Tokyo.

Video chat

Each conversation takes place in a chat room using the latest webRTC technology.

Student community

All our members are affiliated with an institution delivering a high level of education.


Try to overthrow the Alpha Papagas while we keep track on your progress for you.

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